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Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
to the about paula broadwell. >> she was supposed to be in washington this weekend for a 40th birthday party for her brother. she may be subpoenaed to come to d.c. to answer questions about the petraeus affair. this was apparently intended for them to see. dad loves a mom. when news broke of the affair, the radiologist scott, and his wife moved to little washington, virginia. now, the family is in seclusion at of congress investigate whether laws were broken between paula broadwell and david petraeus. >> he has had many hurdles in his life. have been many assignments worked they thought it was a disaster. >> she often accompanied him on military aircraft and went in afghanistan, "she would stay for several weeks or more in the special headquarters in kabul where she would have not been reserved a special quarters reserved for visiting dignitaries." did taxpayers foot the bill? the senate intelligence committee sources we spoke to say they do not know the answer yet but plan to find out. pentagon officials did not return a call. congressional investigators also want to know more about classi
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
evident by the search of paula broadwell's house overnight. people arewe will talk about that. there's still plenty of chatter on capitol hill about the timing of this and how it could affect the hearings on the attacks in libya. >> a lot to cover. we will have much more on the scandal at 5:30. we will take a look at how these personal allegations are even more serious because of the military backgrounds. coming up, the bowie state murder trial. >> of very strange case, he created the internet security system. but now he is on the run. >> what you need to know before you pack up and head out the door to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. >> no one can give for what i am giving her. >> the big changes coming to is a maryland hospitals that could >> is no secret that breast feeding is good for newborns, but not every mother chooses to go there. >> there is a push in maryland hospitals to get more mothers to breast feed. >> right now, more than 75% of mothers breast speedball there still hospital. but they do not stick with it. that rate plummets to 25%. she was -- he was just born ye
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
what the president had to say. >> officials have announced that the security clearance for paula broadwell has been revoked. this is his first press conference since being reelected. president obama was asked about the petraeus scandal. the president praised general petraeus for service to his country and deflected criticism he was not notified of this scandal and election day. >> i have no evidence that -- at this point from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed. it is possible that had we been told you'd be sitting here asking a question about why were you interfering in a criminal investigation? >> leanne panetta defended john allen. >> he has my continued confidence. >> the two women in the spotlight have not spoken. jill kelly comes under increasing scrutiny. her gerrie>> i am an honorary consul general so i have and vulnerability. they should not be able to cross this property. i do not know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. >> korean officials gave her the purely honorary title. the air force base reports they are provoking he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3